Tuesday, January 6, 2009

12th Night and First Post

Tonight is the last of the 12 days of Christmas. No, they don't come before it - the classical 12 Days start with Christmas and run for the next 12 days and nights. My family celebrates it. Tonight is the last night my Christmas lights will stay up - much to the relief of my neighbors, who don't know about the tradition and have always been too embarassed to ask me why my decorations stay up so long ...

I figure the point of winter lights is to illuminate these darkest days of the year. The Solstice has passed and we are once again falling into light, but why take chances? Light some lights to remind the sun to rise.

Knitting is serving a similar purpose for me this winter: I am trying to knot my portion of the world together, in these hard times. Things are unravelling. The world needs to be held together. My knitting is my juju, hopefully good juju, to achieve that. These will be my thoughts while I try to patch the world around me and keep my life together.

And hopefully, they'll amuse someone else along the way.

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